How can I order from Marie*z Crochet?
There are three easy ways to order!
You can simply call: 347-765-8499
E-mail me about what your interested in purchasing at: 

Questions about Orders
How much is shipping? Below is a shipping chart for my products
     Order Total       Shipping Cost
     $1-$20              $2.00
     $21-$40            $5.00
     $41-$60            $6.00
     $60 & up           $8.00

How long will it take for a product to reach me?
     Most orders take just 3-7 days to arrive, depending on how far you live, if the product is custom and how many products you order. If the product you order is already made it should arrive pretty quickly.
Either way I always contact customers after their order is finished and the payment has been received, so they'll know it's on its way.

Can I order custom products?
     The color combinations of most of my accessories can be customized, and you can choose any hair/skin color for dolls and dudes. If you'd like to request a Mini Me doll you get to choose the outfit, accessories, hair/skin color, and size for the doll/dude.

Questions about Products
How can I clean my toys and accessories?
   You can simply place any dingy or dirty products in your washing machine, on cold, with regular detergent and dry on warm, not hot which may possibly shrink it. (Even though my products are made of acrylic and not wool they're still a bit stretchy and may shrink just a little)

How should I repair a torn toy or purse?
    If your product is torn or ruined, it's best to send me a photo so I can decide whether you should send it back to me and have me fix it; or I may be able to give you instructions for a quick fix!

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